kullanimMost of the research across the world has been carried out on the forms of Curcuma Longa used as solvent. 85% of Curcuma Longa cannot dissolve in the human body and the remaining part cannot reveal some of the active ingredients. Therefore, liquid extract was derived by developing the method of phase 3-A. It was aimed to increase the capacity of benefiting from active ingredients to 90% in the extract. Consequently, consuming a cup of Curcuma Longa extract (5ml) is more beneficial than consuming 10 cups of powdered Curcuma Longa. It is almost impossible to gain the curcuminoids in a cup of extract by consuming powdered Curcuma Longa, since some of its chemical properties cannot come out in the human body no matter how much powdered, pill or capsule Curcuma Longa is consumed.


It is accepted and published by the world of science that the Curcuma Longa extract is effective on certain health problems, as set forth by scientific research.

  • Research suggests that it prevents cancer from developing in the human body and cures the present cancer cases.
  • Any inflammation, cholesterol, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cataract, Alzheimer, paralysis, MS, dementia, liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, osteolysis, pulmonary fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, gastric and colon ulcers, colon polyps, immune system, oxidative stress, harms of smoking.

According to the proved scientific research on these health problems, each adult should use Curcuma Longa extract. Every healthy person should consume Curcuma Longa extract during a month once a year for general protection with doctor counseling and pharmacist follow-up.
The ones having health problems can use it with the support of a specialist. Using the Curcuma Longa extract derived by means of a new method developed by immu-nat for the first time in the world, consumers will better understand why so much research and development has been made on it.
Research suggests that there is no toxicity in Curcuma Longa. 

Liquid curcumin extract is derived by means of a method called phase 3-A2 by Adnan Akar, the General Manager of Immunat. It was not possible to make the extract of this plant by any of the known methods. It is only available in the USA in the form of tincture with a high alcohol level in 30ml-packages.You can only find the liquid extract in Immunat-branded products. Do not rely on those claiming that they have made the extract, since this method is only employed by Immunat.

The extract of Curcuma Longa cannot be made in the form of a capsule or tablet. The structure of curcumin does not allow making such an extract. However, you can find powdered Curcuma Longa in capsules. Do not confuse with the original extract and do not believe those alleging that their product is an extract.

Immunat has taken some measures against the imitation of the Curcuma Longa extract. The details that should be taken into consideration are specified below:

  • It is only available in points of sale of Immunat and pharmacies.
  • The points of sale and pharmacies where you can find our product are listed in websites zerdeçal.org – immunat.com.tr. Do not supply products from other points not included in this list.

Recommended Use

  • Make sure that you shake the bottle before each use.
  • Read the warnings on the package of the product.
  • Unless otherwise advised by your doctor or pharmacist, adults should use once (5ml) in the morning and once (5ml) in the evening.
  • For children younger than 12, recommended use is once (2,5ml) in the morning and once (2,5ml) in the evening.
  • You can either take directly or mix it in the water or juice.
  • The research shows that curcumin does not display any toxicity even when used for a long term and in high doses.
  • It is tolerated well enough.
  • Although it is not toxic in high doses (10 times a day), some people may suffer from pains in the gall bladder or diarrhea. In such cases, the dose should be reduced. You must consult your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Those having gallstones or biliary obstruction should use carefully.