AA010686It was known that Curcuma Longa had been a cure for certain diseases 3000 years ago. Clinical and laboratory studies gained intensity following its recognition around the world in the last century. Nearly 5000 scientific studies on Curcuma Longa have been published so far. The results of these studies show that more research should be done about this effective plant. Day after day, researchers find out a protective and therapeutic property of curcumin on human health. Positive effects of curcumin on the below mentioned diseases have been found and published by scientific research:

  Cancer types   Diabetes
  MS   Osteolysis
  Paralysis   Pulmonary Fibrosis
  Infection   Cataract
  Paralysis   Pulmonary Fibrosis
  Cholesterol   Alzheimer
  Liver Cirrhosis – Hepatitis   Rheumatoid  Arthritis
  Atherosclerosis   Dementia
  HIV – AIDS   Gall Secretion Increaser
  Gastric and Colon Ulcers/Polyps