Each plant has one or more property that treats certain parts of the human body. Molecules and proteins in plants choose certain organs and connect to the relevant organ or protein building block by means of the blood system.

What is amazing is the power of Curcuma Longa. Research indicates that curcimin goes into almost all the organs in the human body,  goes beyond the blood barrier of the brain, has an effect on hormonal organs and all kinds of cancer cells, and has a therapeutic effect on paralysis, Alzhiemer, inflammations, pulmonary fibrosis, liver and gall failures, and immune system diseases. The results of more than 5000 studies are astonishing and the secret of this amazing capability of curcumin still remains a research subject. The common ground of these studies is that curcimin will be indispensable for such major health problems as cancer, infection, brain and liver diseases.


It is known that it has been used for 4000 years around the world. Its use in the world has mostly remained as spice, including the Ottoman Period. It is also known that it is used as a remedy for many illnesses, especially in the Far East. The reason why the root of this plant could not be improved is that it could not be processed in another form than the powdered one. Its miraculous properties were not reflected in previous literature, including the Ottoman records. While any kind of herbs in the world could be made into tea, tincture and extract, this process was not made possible for Curcuma Longa. After a European scientist found curcumin, the active ingredient of Curcuma Longa, in the early 1900s, it was discovered as a result of technological investigations in the last 20 years and extensive clinical research has been made since.


Studies on Curcuma Longa reveal that 85% of powdered Curcuma Longa is discharged from the human body without being absorbed by the intestines. Moreover, its powdered form does not dissolve in water or human body except for some solvents as ethanol or DMSO. Active ingredients of curcumin were traced in certain levels in stomach, digestive system, and intestines of the patients provided with powdered curcumin, it was noted that it was not observed in small doses where it was metabolized in the liver. But it was found that positive results were obtained when some solvents were used in clinical studies.

However, curcumin is such an interesting herb that it does not allow recycling of solvents and extracting although it can dissolve in solvents. Curcuma Longa extract therefore could not be made so far.

Extraction is known to be a method where the essential constituents of herbs and flowers are distilled, the extracts of flowers are derived, certain chemicals are used as solvents and these solvents are moved away from the herb in certain temperatures. Extraction of Curcuma Longa was not possible with known extraction methods. IMMU-NAT, therefore, has spent the last three years on R&D studies for different extraction methods and managed to make the extract of Curcuma Longa. This method is called phase3-A2 and it will be so referred in the literature.

The extract of Curcuma Longa was first made by IMMU-NAT suitable to the consumption of people without any chemicals and not losing its active ingredients. IMMU-NAT also produced liquid ginger extract, along with Curcuma Longa extract, and put these two important studies into the service of people.

Adnan AKAR
General Manager
İmmu-nat Bitkisel İlaç ve Doğal Sağlık Ürünleri